10 Steps to Organizing Clutter in Your Home

10 Steps to Organizing Clutter in Your Home

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Do you have a problem with organizing clutter?
We promise that a clutter-free home is easier to live in - and a lot less stressful. 

Home Is Where the Clutter Isn't: 10 Steps to Organizing Clutter

We never really seem to notice exactly how much crap we have until it's time to move it. If you are thinking about how you are going to fit everything into the new smaller home, you won't.

Trying to organize clutter can be like trying to herd cats. It takes over our home so carefully, we hardly notice until we can no longer move around. When we are so used to seeing it, it's more difficult to see it as things we don't need.

A few episodes of Hoarders will be plenty of motivation, then you can get started on your own clutter. We've put together a few steps to help you get going.

Organizing Clutter

We have all been guilty of hanging on to those items we think we will use, that pair of pants we will be able to fit into again and those holiday momentoes we can't seem to find a place for.

1.  Do One Room at a Time

Trying to all the rooms at once will be overwhelming. Tackle one room and stay with it until you are done. You can start easy and work your way up, or hit the worst first to make the others seem easier.

2.  Take Everything Out

Get everything out where you can see it. This makes the next step of sorting it out much easier. You need to be able to see all of the items of clutter to assess what you need, want and don't need or want.

3.  Sort Everything

Set up piles for all the items. You need to be brutal and force yourself to let go of things you don't use. Set up a pile for the things you need and use every day.

Another pile of items you can give away, donate or repurpose. If you do crafts, you can always use old clothing and other items for your art, but don't fall into the trap of calling everything potential art.

Then the trash pile. The items that are not usable to you or anyone else. These are things that are broken, hopelessly out-of-date, or serve no purpose at all.

4.  Purge Purge Purge

Once you have finished, do it again. Go through all the piles pr boxes again and boxes again and find more items to get rid of. It's often a great idea to leave them for a day and come back with fresh eyes.

The drab of mustard in the bottle or that quarter inch of shampoo are great places to start. Clean the bottles and get them in the recycling. Clothing you haven't worn or can no longer fit into, old kids toys, books.

5.  Sort Like Items Together

Keep all the similar items together. All socks, pens and pencils, all paperwork or important documents need to be kept together. This saves you from sifting through drawers, purses, and cupboards looking for things.

6.  Shelves

Putting up shelving units allows you to keep everything together, off the floor and still within reach. You can add shelves inside your closets, in the back porch or a nice case for the living room or kitchen.

They can be beautiful items that add to your decor and serve a great purpose. Keeping clothes, dishes or books and knickknacks on them keep them from taking up space elsewhere.

7.  Hidable/Stackable Containers

If you work from home and have a lot of product in your home, it needs to be stored. Plastic clear containers make for great storage. Put product, clothing, craft supplies, and anything else you need but don't have room for.

These can slide under the bed, or stack up in the garage or attic. It's perfect for finding what you need, as you can see what's in them and are easily labeled.

8.  Use Your Fancy Containers to Display Small Items

You love that handpainted bowl from Mexico and while it's just sitting there, you can use it for your jewelry, your shell collection or your wine stoppers. It's too beautiful to hide away, give it a purpose.

9.  Organize Pictures

If you have old school packages of developed photographs, get them organized into frames. These are a great way to show off your family, your holiday and see them every day.

Make a collage of pictures for family and friends for gifts. Perfect for anniversary gifts, for hanging in the office and a beautiful way to memorialize those who have passed.

You can also get them digitalized, so you can easily access them on your computer, share them with friends and clear out that old shoebox full of old photographs.

10.  Stop Buying More Clutter

Just say No! Once you get your house clutter-free, you want to keep it that way. Make a list when you go shopping and only get what's on it. Be strong when you see something cute or trendy or just shiny.

Take a moment and stop. Do you need it? Or just want it. If it doesn't serve a purpose, then don't buy it. We fall into that trap too quickly. Retailers depend on it.

Take note of the price and put that exact amount in your holiday jar at home. If you keep doing that, you will be soaking up the sun by Christmas.

Clutter Removal Gives You Room To Dance

Once you get rid of all that extra junk, what a feeling you will have! Like you've shed a few hundred pounds. Once you see how much better things look and how much better you feel, it will be easier to maintain.

Put aside time every week to make sure you are not adding to the clutter. It can start to sneak back in. If you have kids, pets or run a business from your home, you know how quickly things take over the house.

If you are preparing to move or sell the home, this will be most helpful in getting either the price you want or at least the best price. If you need help, you can always hire a personal organizer to help organize clutter? Or another option for those reluctant to "let go" is to rent a storage pod or unit, and instead of purging, temporarily relocating your items.

For ideas of dressing your house for potential buyers, please continue reading here.

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