5 Most Important Things to Prepare You for Living in Orlando, Florida

5 Most Important Things to Prepare You for Living in Orlando, Florida

Living in Orlando Florida

Downtown Orlando Lake EolaWho wouldn't get excited about moving to Orlando? The sun, the beach, what's not to love? But before you pack your U-Haul, make sure you do these 5 things to prepare for living in Orlando, Florida.

Considering moving to Orlando? You aren't alone as the city ranks 7th in the nation for economic growth.

Living in Orlando Florida offers more than theme parks. You'll find Orlando is a booming city full of culture. You'll find that each neighborhood has its own unique personality.

Let us help you prepare for your move with these need to know Orlando facts. 

1. The Food Scene

Orlando has become the go-to city for foodies in recent years. Both restaurants and food trucks offer a wide selection of cultural culinary experiences. According to Business Insider, Orlando has the most food trucks per capita in the country.

2. Tourist Town

Even though Disney is south of the main city center, tourists are everywhere. Take the time to learn your driving alternatives to get around sitting on I4.

The traffic can be a hassle, but tourism creates plenty of career opportunities. If you are moving to Orlando without a job, consider a new path at one of the many theme parks.

3. Know the Neighborhoods

Orlando living is all about finding the right neighborhood to call home. Choosing your new home in Orlando is easier when you know where to look. 


The Milk and Audobon Districts offer an artistic flare. These neighborhoods have plenty to offer in the music and art scenes. They are the perfect area for those with a progressive lifestyle. 


College Park and Thornton Park features bungalows from the 1920's lining brick streets. You'll also find high-end restaurants and shopping.

Lake Eola is the large lake and center for community events. Lake Eola Heights is full of historic homes going through a restoration period. 


College Park, despite its name, is the family-focused neighborhood. You'll find more historic homes lining brick paves streets. This neighborhood gets its name from the university named streets.


For million dollar homes and world-class shopping look no further than Winter Park. It's home to museums, galleries, and prestigious Rollins College. 

Windermere is the gated home to celebrities and athletes. The Lakefront homes and exceptional schools make it an enticing place to call home. 

4. No State Income Tax

Thanks to the booming tourist industry, residents of Florida don't pay income taxes. You may notice that this lack of tax translates to lower income thresholds.

The property taxes are also lower than the national average. Expect the rate to be around .97%.

There is a sales tax imposed of 6.5% on the items you buy. This applies to merchants selling within the state.

5. University of Central Florida

Venture to the east side of Orlando and you find the 1,415-acre main UCF campus. UCF is the largest university in the country. Choose from over 215 different degree programs. 

Once you are living in Orlando for a year you qualify for in-state tuition. If the main campus isn't convenient there are 11 campuses across central Florida.

Living in Orlando Florida

Living in Orlando Florida is all about finding the right community to call home. Once you find your neighborhood you can start to experience all that the area has to offer.

The community has developed a thriving culinary scene of restaurants and food trucks. You may find that salaries are lower, but it's not noticeable with no state income tax.

Higher education is possible with one of the largest universities in the country. Orlando is a tourist, college, and foodie city all rolled into one. 

Let us make relocating to Orlando a reality for you.

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