Age-Old Tips to Ignore Completely

Age-Old Real Estate Tips to Ignore Completely

Real Estate Tips to Ignore

Real Estate Tips

Are you tired of hearing the same old real estate tips that may not be as helpful as they seem?

Let's debunk some age-old myths and provide a fresh perspective:

  • Spring is the best time to sell
  • "For Sale by Owner" saves you money
  • You must renovate the kitchen to attract buyers
  • If you don't want to make repairs, lower your price
  • Take the first offer; it's always the best
  • Open houses sell homes
  • Price your home high so there's room to negotiate
  • Paint hides a multitude of problems
  • Agents are overpaid!

It's time to rethink these tips and consider alternative strategies that align with the current real estate landscape. Stay tuned for more insightful advice thanks to Equity Coach!

can anyone tell I snuck one in, one which I thought should be at the top.. not putting at the top is where I was keeping it in perspective.. 😎

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