The Hottest Luxury Real Estate Trends in Florida for 2019

The Hottest Luxury Real Estate Trends in Florida for 2019

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Want to stay ahead of the real estate game?
Want a cutting-edge home in Florida?
Here are the hottest real estate trends to watch out for in 2019 and beyond.

The Hottest Luxury Real Estate Trends in Florida for 2019

A person's spending habits reflect their priorities. Some people invest a lot of money into their careers or their businesses. Others focus their funds on the hobbies they're passionate about.

For many people, though, the financial choice that affects them most is the home they buy. It is your castle, after all. For those with high incomes, that means a home where you feel comfortable and surrounded by all the amenities that bring you joy.

If you're in the market for a luxury home in Orlando, it helps to know what to expect. To give you a hand, here are the top real estate trends when it comes to luxury homes.

Top Real Estate Trends in Luxury Homes

If you're heading into the luxury home market in Orlando, here's what your fellow house-hunters are looking for.

Smart Home Features

In so many industries today, convenience is the key to fitting everyone's hectic lifestyles. Luxury homes are no exception, which is why so many people are looking for automation.

Smart home automated systems integrate the appliances and functions throughout your house. Need to pre-heat the oven on your way home? Check.
Want to see who's ringing your doorbell while you're at work? You can do that too. Check

Of course, you can set up smart home features in any house. If you find a home that already has them ready to go, though, that's just gravy.

Cookie Cutter No More!

The American Dream used to involve a nice house on a lane surrounded by like-designed houses. While that's still the case for some, we're seeing more and more luxury home buys strive to be different.

The affluent are tossing aside cookie-cutter homes. We're in the era of Pinterest when everyone wants to customize their dream home to match their tastes.

As you shop for homes, you might find that many luxury homes already have customized features and amenities. Perhaps you'll find one that fits your vision. If not, look at homes in terms of their potential and the ways you can personalize them.

Media Rooms

A few years ago, the major trend in a luxury home was the man cave. Today, it's all about the media room.

In 2019, it will be all but expected that most high-end houses will have a media room of some kind. For many homeowners, their media rooms are designed to look like private movie theaters. For others, they're designed more for gaming.

If you're a homeowner yourself and you aren't sure what to do with a bonus room or finished basement, a media room is a safe bet.

Glass, Glass, and More Glass

As in any other sector of the real estate market, luxury homes tend to lean toward the modern side or the traditional side. On both ends of that spectrum, though, huge windows are a major trend.

Some homes have entire walls that are made of glass. Others use large windows as decor accents. Either way, it creates a beautiful cloak of natural light that homeowners love.

Industrial Chic

For luxury homebuyers in urban areas like the heart of Orlando, "industrial chic" is in high demand.

This unique look focuses on features like concrete, exposed ductwork, and exposed brick. It makes the home look like an industrial landmark that was reinvented as a cutting-edge home.

If you're looking for a luxury highrise, you can expect to find a lot of industrial chic condos. Some homeowners are doing this in single-family homes too, though.

Going Green

The drive toward environmentally friendly homes has a few purposes. For many homeowners, the cost-saving benefits of energy efficiency are key. For most high-end homeowners though, it's more about the principles behind helping the environment.

While energy-efficient appliances and windows are a start, luxury home buyers are often looking for more. Today, many high-end homes are designed with an eco-friendly architecture from the start. They may use features like geothermal temperature control to maintain a small carbon footprint.

Prioritizing a View

As the saying goes, the three most important features in real estate are location, location, and location. For today's luxury homebuyers, though, it's about more than the Orlando neighborhood. It's about the view!

Depending on the locale, some high-end homes features a cityscape view while others look out on a wilderness vista. No matter what your preference is, the view accounts for a huge part of a luxury home's value today.

Outdoor Space Isn't Second Fiddle

For high-end and middle-class homes alike, outdoor space used to be a nice little extra. It was somewhere that kids enjoyed playing, but little else.

Today, on the other hand, homeowners are capitalizing on their outdoor living space. They're using it as a true extension of their home and a great place for entertaining and relaxing.

Luxury homes do this better than most because they go all-out. Many have a full outdoor kitchen and bar. Perhaps you have an outdoor TV with a living room-like setting. Maybe you want to make the most of the Florida weather with an elaborate swimming pool area.

No matter what your interests are and how you prefer to spend your time outdoors, you can probably find a home with a great set-up in place.

Fitness Spaces

Not all societal trends are positive, but the recent emphasis on health and fitness has clear benefits. Luxury homeowners are hopping on board by incorporating fitness spaces into their homes.

Some homes may have a gym with weight machines. Others may have a dedicated yoga studio. Whatever your fitness passion, you'll be glad that you don't have to take it outside in the Florida humidity, unless you choose too.

Shopping for Luxury Real Estate

Looking for the perfect luxury home can be a fun adventure. Every house you see has its own unique style and an array of great amenities. Still, it helps to have an idea of the real estate trends you might see before you head out for your first tour.

If you're ready to start looking for your dream home in Orlando, search luxury home listings in the area today or reach out to our knowledgeable agents.

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