Top 15 Orlando Festivals to See in Summer

Top 15 Orlando Festivals to See in Summer

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Looking for fun in the sun this year in Orlando?
Try one of the many Orlando festivals on this list.


Ah, summer in Florida. The sun is out and the weather is warm. The major cities in Florida not only bring beautiful weather but also many exciting events.

Are you moving to Orlando? It’s no wonder why! Out of all of the metro areas in the U.S., Orlando ranks number 4 on the “places to live” list. If you’re new to Florida, it can be intimidating to go to new places and try new things.

Don’t worry, Orlando has many great activities for the summer. Here are the 15 best Orlando festivals and events in the summer. And fear not—these festivals are both fun and affordable!

The Best Orlando Festivals and Events You Must Experience This Summer

While soaking up the beach and swimming in the pool are always classic Florida activities, Orlando offers more summer fun for the whole family! Be sure to plan and experience these Orlando summer events.

1. Gay Days

Gay Days is described as “the most fabulous event of the summer.” Gay Days is an event celebrating Gay Pride. The event attracts over 150,000 people from all over the country.

The party is hosted at the DoubleTree by Seaworld and typically occurs the first week of June.

There are multiple parties hosted, including in a park, in a pool, and on the circuit.

Keep in mind, these parties typically aren’t family-friendly. But Disney has a special Gay Days event every August that’s perfect for the whole family.

2. WineART Wednesdays

WineART Wednesdays is an event hosted every Wednesday in Lake Mary from June to August. The event features art displays, wine tastings, shopping, and food trucks.

This event is a favorite amongst local Lake Mary artists because they exhibit artwork from local artists and host many art vendors.

The event is held in downtown Lake Mary and is an outdoor event. Admission is free.

3. Tasty Tuesdays

Tasty Tuesdays is a street party for all foodies in Orlando.

Food trucks gather in the Milk District neighborhood every Tuesday from June to September. There’s a variety of food trucks—from huge sandwiches to vegetarian entrees and even desserts.

The event is free (the food is not, unfortunately), and your pets are welcome to join in for a treat! All the event asks is you don’t get too rowdy. They promote a very relaxing and family-friendly atmosphere.

4. CFAM First Friday

Cornell Fine Arts Museum, or CFAM, hosts their own First Friday event. The event occurs on the first Friday of June, July, and August.

The event takes place at their museum in Winter Park.

The event consists of art showcases with refreshments. Some weeks, they host a special event with an artist who also holds a conference. Some weeks are even more adventurous, such as hosting a scavenger hunt or a wild bird exhibit.

The event is free.

5. Silver Spurs Rodeo of Champions

A little outside of Orlando in Kissimmee, rodeo champions compete in multiple competitions. This includes calf roping, bull riding, and barrel racing. They compete for $100,000!

The event occurs the first week of June at Silver Spurs Arena. It’s held every year and has been a Kissimmee tradition ever since 1944! To this day, it’s one of the most famous rodeos in the whole state of Florida.

It’s not a free event, but it’s affordable. Tickets cost $15 per person.

6. Sad Summer Festival

One of the hottest concerts coming to Orlando is the Sad Summer Festival. Don’t worry, you won’t be sad here! This concert includes performances by State Champs, Mayday Parade, Maine, The Wonder Years, and many more.

The concert takes place at the Orlando Amphitheatre at the Central Florida Fairgrounds.
General admission tickets are $35. The concert is July 10. This is a family-friendly concert, but fans of the bands will enjoy the show the most!

7. Baldwin Park First Friday Festival and Art Stroll

Baldwin Park combines the best of art, shopping, and drinking with their first Friday festival. This festival occurs on the first Friday in June, July, and August.

Over 70 vendors gather to sell their products and display their art.

The art is one of the biggest selling points of this festival. Several artists display their art all over downtown Baldwin Park. All of the shops are open, so guests can pop in and out of the stores.

The event itself is free.

8. Orlando Pub Crawl

Every summer, downtown Orlando hosts a myriad of pub crawl events. These pub crawls are held on multiple days of the summer and feature unique themes. For example, there’s an 80’s-themed pub crawl on July 20.

Orlando Pub Crawl isn’t only limited to the summer—they host events all year round.

These pub crawls are also more unique, incorporating games and even live music into their events. But you still experience the best of Orlando's breweries and bar scene. The Orlando Pub Crawl does require a ticket purchase.

9. The Daily City’s Food Truck Bazaar

On May 26, The Daily City hosts a food truck event in Downtown Avalon Park.

This event rounds up some of the best food trucks in Orlando. Even though it’s in a small part of Orlando, it’s one of the biggest food truck events in the nation.

So far, The Daily City has hosted 800 food truck events. They started the Food Truck Bazaar in 2011, and they host them all over Orlando.

10. Alive After 5

Alive After 5 (also known as AA5) is a street festival that takes place on the first Friday of June, July, and August. The event takes over all of 1st street in Sanford.

Guests can treat themselves to food and drink samples from over 50 vendors.

In addition, each event features art and live music.

It’s a paid event, but it’s affordable. Only $7 per person. The event is hosted by the Historic Sanford Welcome Center.

11. Thornton Second Thursday Wine and Art Walk

Want to avoid the hustle and bustle of First Friday? Opt for a Second Thursday event instead! Thornton Park is one of Orlando’s most prestigious downtown neighborhoods. You can try the food, gaze at art, and enjoy a glass of wine.

This event isn’t as rowdy as First Friday, but it does attract a large number of people, so be mindful when bringing children or pets.

The event is free but costs $10 for those who will be drinking wine.

12. Third Thursday Art Hop

There’s always an event held every Thursday in Orlando! The Third Thursday Art Hop is hosted by CityArts Factory and the Downtown Arts District in Downtown Orlando.

This art event is different from others. Not only do they display art galleries, but you can meet the artists who are exhibiting their galleries. The event is held on the third Thursday of June, July, and August and goes from 6 to 9 PM.

13. Night Hike at the Zoo

You can always take your children to the zoo. Or, you can take them to the zoo at night! The Central Florida Zoo offers an exciting nighttime zoo adventure in June.

A guide takes you around the zoo at night, only using flashlights as your light source. Since many animals are nocturnal, you can view their nightly habits while learning about the animals at the zoo.

The event costs $20 per person. The tour also comes with an interesting Botanical Adventure in their garden.

14. Summer Grape Stomp

Grape stomping is a traditional step in the winemaking process. Lakeridge Winery in Orlando allows you and your family to participate in what they call the “Summer Grape Stomp!”

This event is held on June 8th and 9th and consists of live music and non-stop grape stomping for the whole family. You and your family will receive a bucket of freshly picked grapes and the stomping will begin!

Lakeridge Winery has been hosting this event for 25 years and it never stops being fun.

15. Rumfest

If wine tastings aren’t your thing, you’ll probably appreciate Rumfest. This event features rum tastings—20 different types of rum, to be exact! This is a popular party event in Orlando.

For three straight hours, you can shoot all of the rum you want and try a myriad of different rum cocktails.

This event also features live music. This year, you’ll hear reggae-rock bands HOR!ZEN, Intracoastal, and DJ Red. It occurs on Wall Street Plaza on June 16 and costs $25 per person.

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